Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hearts of Intention

For five long weeks I had to recuperate from laser eye surgery for torn retinas. No reading, no computer, no close work, and no strenuous activity. For the last two weeks I am able to start being normal again. I can be back in the studio dyeing my fabrics, sewing, and creating. I still have to take many breaks and gaze out at the horizon to exercise my eyes and I realized at this point how thankful I am for my sight. Even though my left eye feels tight from scar tissue, even though I still have floaters and may always have them, I can see. Grace and gratefulness is what I hold.

I found myself back in the studio flitting from one project to the next. The many ideas that swirled around in my head those weeks wanting to come out all at once. I needed to focus on one piece but had a hard time with it. My heart went back to what I had been through and what it is that’s important. I thought about the little hearts I made in Nina Bagley’s class at An Artful Journey back in Feb. and I knew I needed to make more of these.

For the last few days I have gathered my remnants of hand dyed fabrics, laces, vintage pieces, and snippets of my hand faux written script silks and began to cut and stitch these little hearts which I am calling “hearts of intention”. There is a small pocket stitched on the back that holds a folded piece of handmade paper for you to write your intention on and secret it away. The heart can be held in your hand, as you would a worry stone, while you ponder your intention.

The hearts are completely hand stitched with my intention of gratitude sewn into each one of them. I am listing 8 of these on my Etsy shop and hope they find a good home and carry good intentions with them.


lilylovekin said...

I love the little detailed hearts with the story behind them. Grace and gratitude what wonderful intentions.

Joanne Huffman said...


The Creative Beast said...

I love this new item! I'm going to look for them at your shop RIGHT NOW!

nina said...

i am so proud of you! these are really, really beautiful. but...i love mine that you sent me most of all!!! xoxo