Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Middle

I was having an email conversation with a friend today and we were talking about how we get lost in dealing with the stuff we accumulate, finding time and patience to deal with it all.  I remembered this poem by Barbara Crooker (find her here) and thought it related to our feelings and situation.  Here we were emailing each other rather than spend the time and money to actually talk on the phone.  It happens and sometimes it's good, but it makes me wonder about "Being in the Middle" (click image to enlarge)

I listed some ribbons I recently dyed on my lasfibers Etsy shop and also if you haven't had time to hear my podcast here with Rice Freeman-Zachery I hope you find time to do that.

Barbara Crooker has several poetry books published but this is one I recommend, Radiance.


nina said...

beautiful! and aptly described. after we wrote this morning, i packed three shipments, flagged the postman, cut branches with a tiny saw that were hanging over the edge of the five acres of grass that i then proceeded to cut. now that i'm finished with that, walter needs walking. after that, dinner preparation, more letters written, and then? maybe then? i'll read.....xo

Joanne Huffman said...

Sometimes, the pause in time that you take to share with friends is through the computer (emails or chatting, or maybe through a blog) or phone (immediate and immensely satisfying) or, thank all the cosmos, in person. It's all different, it's all the same, it's all appreciated. I love the fact that we make time for friends, even when it's only fleeting. It's a gift.

farmlady said...

"Time is always ahead of us..." It's true. We have never had more ways to contact friends and yet... we leave it until tomorrow.Tomorrow doesn't come and so it goes.
I love this poem. Our lives are so fleeting and we do get caught between the hammock and the stars, between morning coffee and the end of day.
I will find Barbara Crooker's poetry books. You have perked my interest.