Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Just Plain Buttons

I recently sold this shirt on Etsy and to my surprise my cousin Kim in New York was the buyer!  I'm so happy it went to her and it has special meaning since my sister Jan helped me work on this one.

I eco dye printed a length of silk noil using eucalyptus leaves I gathered in a flounce and added to the gently loved linen shirt.  Jan attached the vintage laces and doily then we mussed over what was needed for further embellishment and Joanne's buttons were just the ticket!  Joanne had recently visited me to work in the studio upcycling garments and she brought along a slew of polymer clay buttons she makes to give me.  I am so happy with them and know I'll be using them on future garments.

When Kim sent me an email message to notify me the shirt arrived she sent me this drawing.  Please visit her website here to see what a wonderful artist she is!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm really pleased you like the buttons. Did I tell you I bought a button attacher? Then I cleaned up for Becky's visit and now I can't find it (I think the house ate it).