Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home from Arizona

I was on a wonderful little journey but it's great to be home.  Art Unraveled was fantastic as usual.  I had wonderful classes (even though one was unusually small) and vendor day was a whirlwind.  I am so grateful to everyone who wants to take classes from me and purchases from me.  It's an affirmation that what I do is liked and shared by others.

I want to thank everyone from the Blog Hop Party who has stopped by and left comments.  I have been  too busy to respond and probably won't find time to go back and reply to all.  So please know I am so happy to have had you visit!

I did not take one single picture while I was gone.  I did not feel like a photographer I guess.  The pics you see here are ones I pirated from FaceBook.  I had my friend Joanne take some for me but I know she is very busy right now and I'll get them sometime later to post.

Event night artist challenge

Joanne's dyed fabric

Joanna, Me, Deryn on vendor day.

I was in Phoenix for a week, in Sedona visiting my dear friend Jan and her husband Dave for a couple of days, then the long drive back home.  It was hot, really hot.  Thank goodness for AC!  But then I got home and it was hot here too and we don't have AC.

I'm off to the studio to unpack (ugh) so I can work on some new pieces and workshop samples that I'm very excited about.

Hope your summer is full of wonderful times.

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Joanne Huffman said...

OK, you guilted me into sending the few pictures I took. I know you had one class that got even unusually smaller, but the part I was there for was absolutely wonderful.