Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Art Is You 2013

The Art Is You team, Sallianne and Ellen, are gearing up for next year's retreats.  The dates and places are set and information is starting to come online at the website.  If you have attended a retreat of this type then you know how fun and inspirational it is and if you haven't then it's time you found out.

This year when you go visit the website and choose which event you'd like to attend there is an intention button.   This gives  you the option to say you want to attend so when the classes come online you have first dibs!  I like that.  So go hit the intention button and I hope to see you in Petaluma where I'll be teaching and vending.

Click here to go to the website!


The Creative Beast said...

What a brilliant idea! Then you don't have to constantly check on the site to see when everything is up and running to get your first dibs on a treasured class =-)

I will take a peek at what's being offered, though I'm not sure I can attend...but its great fun to look!

Kathy McElroy said...

Hope to see you in Nashville.