Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art Unraveled 2013 Registration Open!

Registration is now open for Art Unraveled 2013!!  I can hardly wait to dive into creating garments with my class and then we get to have a runway show to show them off and raise a little money for charity with a group project to be auctioned!  If you are planning to attend the retreat I hope you will join me in "Workshop Runway" and if you aren't planning to attend you might consider it as we have a fabulous time there and you have lots of classes to choose from. Go take a look at my class here for more info!  And of course I'll be vending on vendors day too.


Joanne Huffman said...

I don't know yet about about my schedule, but I'm hoping to be able to come.

martha brown said...

Oh, Darn it, Lorri -- this is the class that I have been dreaming of! The reason that I say "Oh, darn it" is because I won't be going this year. I am buying a summer house in Nova Scotia!!! It's in Port Mouton (just past Liverpool). Do you still travel out there? I'll be there all of July/August if you do :)