Monday, May 27, 2013

Contest Winner and Vending at Create in Orange County

Here is the list of the names entered for the name the shirt contest.  Some people were unable to leave a message via this blog so they emailed me personally and some left comments at Facebook.

Pierced Pleasures
Summine in the Piazza
Breezy tunic
Lacy romance
Buttoned Up Romantic
Beau Blanc
Lacey Dreams
Flayaway Lace top
Dream Clud
Romance Me
Snow White says (to Red Rose) We will not leave each other
Great Day for a White Wedding/Great Day to Start Again
Summer Breeze

It was hard to decide but the winner is Lexi for Beau Blanc!

1.    beau [a] (beautiful) delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration.
2.   beau [a] (lovely) appealing to the emotions as well as the eye.

Of course blanc means white.  

I also really liked Seraphina because of the meaning.   The woman who entered the name said she looked up the meaning, “Turns out that it is the name of a 13th Century Italian saint who made clothes for the poor.”  So while I did not choose this for this particular garment I will definitely use it in the future and will also be sending her a little something in the mail.

I need to go finish hand stitching the lace collar onto this shirt to take with me to Create in Orange County.  I’ll be vending on Friday evening, it’s free to enter and there will be lots of artists selling and worth attending if you are in the area!  Check here to see a list of all the vendors.   

Flamingo Stroll

Garments and Devore Velvet Scarves

Free Lace wayward threads Message Scarves

Natural Dye Print Scarves


Joanne Huffman said...

You chose an excellent name. And, as always, your pieces are beautiful.

lexi said...

Well, I am bubbling with excitement & joy! Thank you for choosing my name Lorri. I just love the two tops above, great pieces and so fun! So looking forward to working together on a plus sized piece of yours!! Hugs to you & best of luck in the OC!

Anonymous said...

perfect name for such a beautiful piece. I love it! Congrats Lexi!!