Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Good Kind of Tired

It seems like such a long and exhausting journey of traveling via car to Phoenix and back.  It's about 750 mile trip each way.  I left on Tuesday, spent the night in La Quinta, CA. and then drove on into Phoenix the next day to attend Art Unraveled.  As soon as you arrive the creative adrenaline hits you.  Seeing dear friends, meeting new ones, and gearing up to teach lifts the spirits and at times makes it hard to sleep at night.  I often feel like a little kid anticipating Christmas morning.

I taught a reconstructed clothing class complete with a runway show at the end of the day during Happy Hour.  It was such a hugh success and I was blown away by the garments the students created.  I only have this photo that Angie took of me with her and Fran, but a close friend, Joanna, took a video of the show that I will post as soon as I get it from her after she returns from a trip she's on.

Thank you to Chuck and Linda for letting me do the runway show and to Michael DeMeng for emceeing!

Angie's garment

I will be back to post more about the class and fashion show when I get the video.  I love teaching this class and look forward to future classes one of which will be September 27th in Petaluma, CA at Art Is You.  Check it out and I still have a few openings if you want to join me.

I also did some shopping and gifting while at the vendor day event (I'm suppose to be selling and making money right" lol!).

A fabulous necklace from Diane Cook.  I love her work and tried on several different necklaces but this one spoke to me.

Pamela Huntington canvas utility bag I LOVE!  Yes we all have those canvas totes to carry but this one is over the top beautiful and fits all my items needed for vending.  psst, she may be listing more in her Etsy shop.

And not the least of gifts is this little dolly telling me to create from Joanna Pierotti.

I got to spend a whole day with my friend Fran and purchased this little cell phone purse from the gallery she is part of On The Edge in Old Town Scottsdale.  I use it as a money purse, perfect!

I am so blessed to have such dear and creative friends!

On my way back home after the retreat I stopped a few days to visit friends in Sedona, AZ and had lunch with a friend, Emily, I had known when I lived in Texas.  A great way to unwind in a beautiful spot on Earth.  View from Jan & Dave's.

In my last posts I mentioned a project I had worked on and now that the owner has the book in her possession I want to post some pics for you.  I was truly honored to be asked by Cheryl to make this art book for her.  This was created using botanical dye prints and other hand fabrics I dyed using mostly natural dyes.  I have not made a lot of books so this was a challenge for me but I thoroughly enjoyed making it even with those learning curves.  The book is 12" x 9" and is to be a guest book for a fabulous house on Current River in Missouri.  I want to make some more books now with the botanical print dyed fabrics that I love creating.

I can't begin to mention all the instructors I learned techniques from that I used in this book but I hope they know!

Until next time I'll be busy getting ready for upcoming workshops and shows.

Hope your summer has been fantastic.


Joanne Huffman said...

I really missed getting to see you at AU (but did have a good time with my visiting Danes). I'm eagerly awaiting seeing the fashion show video. I think your book is incredibly beautiful.

Chris Flynn said...

Oh Lorri! YOur book turned out AMAZING! I'm so glad I got to see it at an earlier stage. It truly is beautiful and inspiring.
Hope to see you soon. Coffee/tea in Scotts Valley?

Vicki said...

Love all your goodies! Your book is beautiful. I sure envy you and Joanne being able to make the long drives to all kinds of fun places.

Connie said...

what a terrific book you made! love all of the fabulous finds you collected! miss you!

The Creative Beast said...

Looks like you found some great goodies to take home from Art Unraveled!
I love the book you created - its GORGEOUS!! I can see some of the instructor references in your book but YOUR inimitable style really shines through, with your wonderful dye techniques...I'd buy one of your books if you made more!! =-)

Unknown said...

So glad that your class was so successful! I envy all who get to learn from you! Your book is amazing - I love it! All the best to you in your busy, artful life!

Seth said...

So great to meet you there Lorri. Hope our paths in art cross again!