Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things Are Brewing

Things are literally brewing!  Fabrics wrapped in bundles with leaves, flowers petals, and onions skins.  Sometimes iron pieces in the shape of a key or washer are added.  Then the bundles get put in a steamer to brew.  I have fabrics in washtubs brewing in a tea bath.  I have silk, cotton, rayon, and velvets, brewing in naturals dye colors of lac, cochineal, madder, chestnut, logwood, and fustic.

All this brewing along with the ideas in my head for new classes to teach in 2014.  Discover how easy dyeing fabric really is and the surprise elements of botanical dye prints in the shape of leaves, flowers, or a kaleidoscope of colors by strewing and sprinkling all sorts of botanicals on our fabrics.  This is a taste of dyed fabrics.  The projects will come later after class applications are submitted and answered.

Who wants to learn about natural dyes and have fun doing it?


Chris Flynn said...

Nice Lorri! Teach something close by, okay? Went to Thai Silks and wow! Their sales were cheaper than the remnant bags, and larger pieces too.Thanks for that lead!

Unknown said...

It would be a wonderful class!

Joanne Huffman said...

These are so beautiful. I really have to remember what you've taught me and start dying again.

Fran S said...