Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Whole Weeks

Two weeks ago Tuesday I was to pick my friend Sharon Kilfoyle up form the airport in the afternoon.  That morning I decided to take a shovel and turn the dirt in one of my garden beds, hoeing and raking, adding soil amendments and planting tomatoes.  Mission accomplished,  I showered and took of to the airport. 

The next morning my entire left shoulder was sore so I put some ice on it and then applied arnica gel.

Sharon was here to visit me, work together on some projects in the studio and then give a two day workshop.  My sore shoulder hindered me from doing the work I wanted but we did a few things which included a trip to Thai Silks.  I kept nursing my shoulder but it was not wanting to cooperate. 

On Sunday my husband flew us to Santa Rosa so Sharon could meet her son Santo and spend a few days with him.  

After I got home I took myself to get a massage but on Monday morning it was worse so I went to the clinic.  Doc said he thinks it's a pinched nerve in my neck.

I took it easy the next few days but when Sharon came back from Santa Rosa we had to get things ready for her workshops.  On Sat. she gave a nuno felt workshop in Aptos which I went to but only did a few sample pieces so not to aggravate my injury further.  Sunday the gals all came to my studio to do shibori and indigo dyeing.  Again I only worked on a few smaller pieces but was pleased with what I created.

The day Sharon left my shoulder was throbbing so I am scheduled to begin physical therapy on Friday. I really think I did all I could to heal this and it's just not working so it's very frustrating and why? why did this happen?  Arg!  There I've done my whining.

Here are pics from the dye day at my studio with Sharon.

It was such a nice visit with Sharon and our minds were racing with ideas for the future.  We are cooking up plans to host a weekend long retreat next year but we've just begun to formulate these plans for me to say more.  It will be great though!


Michele R. Unger said...

Lorri, I hope you feel better SOON!

Joanne Huffman said...

I totally understand the frustration with the body not functioning the way you want to, and not healing quickly enough. Sending you gentle hugs. The dyed pieces are all beautiful. I wish I lived in easy visiting distance.