Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Upcoming Shows and Events

While I'm busily working away on up cycling garments, dyeing ribbon and silk, and generally gathering props I want to announce registration has opened for Art Retreat at the Prairie.   I'll be teaching three classes and am really thrilled to get to go back and teach for a wonderful retreat in a fabulous setting!  I hope you can treat yourself to attend!

I only have a bit of time to post and then it's back to working on these: "shoot like a girl" Sharp Shooter Vests!  You can find me selling these at Remnants of the Past in Pleasanton, CA April 24th and 25th and at the May Day Faire on May 2 & 3 in Santa Cruz, CA. along with all my other creations of dyed ribbon, fabrics, scarves, and upcycled and vintage wearables!


Joanne Huffman said...

So cool!

jan b. said...

CUTE! Can't wait to see these 'for real'.

merry warner said...

These are fabulous. I'm now have a new obsession for buying all sorts of old table cloths and vintage linens. I think you were a good influence!