Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Loom & Accessories for Sale

I had my surgery on Sept. 30th and while it was rough at first I am on the mend and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  A couple more weeks and I'll be just fine.

Before my surgery I took on the task of trying to organize my studio.  In the process of doing that I ended up getting rid of lots of items.  I also came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to put my dismantled AVL loom back together so I could weave again.  I feel that I'm done with weaving after having created handwoven clothing for over 25 years.  So I'm putting it up for sale along with some weaving accessories.

I live in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz/Monterey, CA area so if you or anyone you know is interested in these items please email me!!  I am able to deliver within this area if necessary.

ALV Production Dobby Loom 48” 16 harness with attached bench in very good condition. Dismantled and shrink wrapped for storage.

48" Weaving Width
16 Harnesses, polyester heddles
Mechanical dobby with dobby bar, pegs, wrench
1-Box Flyshuttle System on Bottom Swing Beater with Flyshuttle and Pirns
Plain Warp Beam
Raddle, 48
2 reeds
texsolve heddles
manual with instructions to put together
Loom built in 1990

Asking $3500.00 but will takes offers.

Harrisville Warping Mill  asking $100.00

Harrisville Designs has the capacity to wind up to 20 yards of warp and is collapsible for easy storage. Made of solid hardwood with a butcher-block maple base. Designed for tabletop use, it is 2 yards around and has 30" of vertical winding space.  The mill has a brake and comes 

$325.00 to buy new today

AVL Electric Bobbin Winder

These are close to $400.00 new today, I am asking $100.00.  Good working order!

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