Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Upcycled and Repurposed Shirt Workshop

On April 22 my friend Sharon Kilfoyle hosted me to give a workshop in her studio.  There were 7 students who showed up with used shirts to cut and repurpose as a new one, scissors and sewing machines.  I showed them a design I created taking two shirts and joining them together to form a new one and then ideas for embellishments.  This style I call Gypsy Boho Swing Shirt and the instructions are included in The Gilded Journey book found in the author/editors Etsy shop here.  Or you can contact me if you're interested in hosting this workshop.

Sample Garments

Students garments from workshop
Some garments were finished and others are the basic redesigned shirts that were taken home to further embellish.  That's the thing with this style, you can add as much as you want!  Ruffles, lace, cool buttons, etc.

Bonnie Ahrens

Laurie Harper

Stefanie London

Cathy Wyss

Cindy Kilfoyle

Gunilla Murphy

Leandra Spangler

I enjoy designing shirts that can be made with used clothing instead of throwing garments away that are filling landfills and becoming a real problem in our ecosystem on this planet we call Earth.  

Reuse, Repurpose, Redesign!


The Creative Beast said...

I love seeing your workshops in action! Love that people are enjoying recycling old clothing into refashioned garments that have a new life! I'm always inspired when I see the work created by your students! =)

Unknown said...

I can just imagine the pride these women must feel when they're done and they get to wear their creations. This is a beautiful gift you have, Lorri, to help others see not only their old clothes but their individual style in a new way. <3

Pradeep Singh said...
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Unknown said...

Excelente trabajo, me encanta...,felicidades !!! 😊