Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Day in Big Sur

Cruising down highway 1 with Rodney Crowell and the Outsiders blaring I was on my way to Big Sur taking inventory down to Local Color Gallery that sells my wares. I have taken this trip many times but today things looked different. Big, craggy rocks that stick up out of the Pacific are so white they look like icebergs. I imagine it is crystalized salt, but why had I never noticed before? I later discover from a local that it is bird poop. Not nearly as idyllic as cystalized salt looking like ice! I failed to bring my camera so I'm unable to capture the incredible azure and cerulean colors of the water. I swear I've never seen so much turquoise water in this part of the Ocean. Contrasting the sea is the reddish green patches of sea kelp floating like land masses. A color combination I want to recreate on my dyed fabrics.

After delivering my wares I continue down the coast to Nepenthe to have a late lunch. Sitting outside on the veranda with brightly colored umbrellas protecting patrons from the bright sun I am waiting for my glass of Chardonnay and lunch of a fruit and cheese plate. This isn't just any ordinary plate, it has hunks of brie, St. George Porteguese style cheese, and herbed goat cheese with viens of bleu running through, grapes, apricots, a slab of fig and almond turrine, and a block of plum aspic and bagel chips. I wanted the glass of wine even though it costs as much as a bottle! The restauranteer knows we'll pay for the atmosphere and because this place is so isolated.

I stare out at the view of the vast ocean as crows gather around, swooping and dancing from tree to tree. I like to think that crow's are one of my animal totems and that they are gathering to impart a message to me but I know they're really here for food morsels left behind and not as taliman's.

After I leave this place to drive back home I stop at Andrew Molera State Park to walk the trail down to the beach I notice I have never seen as much of this beach before. Low Tide but still, is it global warming? Is the Ocean shrinking? All these details I've never seen before makes me wonder.

It's been a perfect day with perfect weather and I would love to stay here and considered it but all the camp grounds are full as is all the lodging. Everyone comes to Big Sur this time of year so I'll come back soon and plan to stay longer.


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could have been there too. Sounds like a perfect day!


Anonymous said...

Lorri, this entry is pure poetry. It sounds like a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Global warming melts the artic ice caps making the ocean rise thus losing beaches & land.

Connie said...

oh what gorgeous scenery, Lorri!
I sure miss the California coast.