Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Woman's Take On Life

I think the world would be beautiful if only my ex-husband would move
to Mars. I think life would be easier if everyone smiled instead of
flipped you off when you cut in front of them in line. I think coffee
is a god-sent blessing and dating sucks. I think purple is the only
color VW Bugs should be and anyone under 21 is a fool in baggy
clothing. I think Elvis is really dead though Vivian swears she slept
with him last year. I think, I really do, I think. I think I could
love someone completely. I think that beer is actually part of a
conspiracy to keep men from drinking water. I think I want to run
naked through a train station just to make people wonder...why???? I
think though you may not that life is full of wonder and surprise. I
think Change is good and I think, I think love is a possibility.

~ Carole Phoenix


Robin said...

I love what Carole thinks.

Kathy McElroy said...

I love how she thinks. This is great.