Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time for Art & Soul

views from the front of my house this morning (that tiny speck above the tree is the moon)

I'm leaving tomorrow for Portland, Or. to attend Art & Soul. I've already shipped up boxes of teaching supplies and items for vendor night. I have to try and fit the rest of it in my luggage as I pack today and then see how much room is left for clothes! (Oh yeah, after I pack all the supplies I need for classes I'm taking too).

I attended a Lesley Riley "Material Girl" workshop given by the East Bay Heritage Quilters in Berkeley on Sat. 22. My book isn't finished but close and I'll post photos when it's done. It was a great class and a cool book format. After the class I took Lesley Riley and my friend Jennifer to Chez Panisse for dinner, spent the night in Berkeley. On Sunday Jennifer and I went to the gem fair in Marin and went to Sonoma where I spent the night at her house and drove home the next day. On my way out of Sonoma we check out a charming place called the Westerbeck Ranch where I may be planning a small art retreat for next summer. (more on that later).

All week I've been packing, and making lists, and working in my studio to get ready for this coming week. I spent yesterday at my son's volleyball tournament in Livermore so today is the crunch for me and time to pray that I'll have everything I need packed. I'm used to teaching at places I can drive to so this is a new experience for me and I'm sure a great learning one too!!

I have lots of hand dyed items ready to sell on vendor night, shibori ribbons, scarves and a few garments. Lots of treasure bags and some dyed fabric pieces.

I'll be gone all week but will post when I return home.

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Have a wonderful time!