Thursday, September 13, 2007

Treenway Silkster's Gallery & Indigo

Treenway Silk's, which is where I purchase my silk ribbons that I dye, has listed me as one of the feature artists in their Silkster's Gallery.

and they sent me this nice certificate for my scrapbook! (like I'm organzied enough to have one of those?! LOL!)

I washed all of the indigo pieces I dyed yesterday and have to say that hardly any of the dye washed out. The silks more so than the cotton pieces. I can not tell a difference in the cottons, but can in the silks although they are still great!! Even the dupioni piece is going to work. It might be due to the fact we added hide glue, but hide glue is suppose to be a protectant for protein fibers (silk and wool) so interesting that the silks bled more than the cotton? Maybe the silks would have bled more had we not added the hide glue?

See this website for more info on hide glue and dyes:

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Anonymous said...

Extremely cool to see Treenway recognized your talents. Also, it's good to hear that those beautiful blues are still rich and deep.