Monday, November 19, 2007

New "wayward threads"

Every show I have been in I sell out of my "wayward threads" ( I can't keep them in stock. Can someone come help me?? At the same time my shibori dyed ribbons on also flying out the proverbial door and then I got the idea to create a "wayward threads" with just the dyed ribbons. I had been incorporating a few ribbons into these scarves and stoles with other yarns, laces, and fabric strips, but I love how this turned out by just using the ribbons!! I have enough dyed to make three more so I'm off to my studio today to lay them out and sew (it's a lot of sewing!).

(click on images to see them up close)


Joanne Huffman said...

How Beautiful! I love your wayward threads and I certainly understand why they sell out, and now using the shibori dyed ribbon is a stroke of genius.


meg said...

Hi, Lori~ got your message about finding White King Water Softener; glad to see you are in CA- I buy it at Savemart (which is here in the SJ Valley) & occasionally I can find it at Safeway.