Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Saga Continues ................

I experimented on some more scarf blanks. The outcome: Four scarves were scoured with washing soda and detergent. One was dyed using my well water and turned out fine. I thought YEA!! Then I dyed two more and they were both awful and splotchy. ACH!! So the fourth one I dyed using bottled water and there wasn't a splotch on it so I'm back to thinking my dye issues are water related and I will need to get a filter put on my system. But why did the first scarf dye fine?? A conundrum for sure.

The story doesn't end there .......... I placed another order for scarf blanks only to receive different ones than I ordered. I called to report this and to let them know I would be returning them and to please send me the proper ones only to find out that any of the blanks I want are out of stock until sometime next year. YIKES!

I guess I'll be sewing "wayward threads" today and shibori dyeing the few blanks I have on hand and scheming on how I will make my booth look full this weekend!

I'm also working on creating some neck pieces using my dyed ribbons and some fabulous lampwork beads my friend Caty Porter makes. (see her link under my "other places to visit") my friend Janet Wylie did the metal work on these for me.

I do have a light at the end of this tunnel though and that is my trip to Kauai on Dec. 5th. Being on Island is time I always cherish. And this trip I get to play with my new friend Connie in her studio and she says "my DH makes an "absolute sin" to die for" so I'm not exactly sure what I'm in for but sounds very fun and interesting! LOL!


Joanne Huffman said...

I love the neck pieces. And, I know you and Connie will have a great time together (can you see the green envy spreading across my body?).


Connie said...

yep- less than a week away.....
have a great show this weekend!
the neck pieces look great on your ribbons!