Saturday, May 24, 2008


Over night the fog came in thick and drippy which would be good to help stave a fire but the winds also changed direction and are now very gusty again, not good. This mean the fire is burning NNW which is our direction. I still think we're far enough away to not be in any danger but it's unsettling in the least.

For 13 years I was part of an art organization in our Loma Prieta Community. That organization has decided to call it quits for many reasons I'll not go into. I bring this up because one of our former members lost his home in this firethat is still raging in the Santa Cruz Mountains.. You can read his story here at the Ssn Jose Mercury News site. Hugo seemed a quiet man, not a big participant in guild functions but he did show his beautiful, finely crafted wooden furniture at our annual show. He is truly talented and now he has lost everything. He was devastated by losing everything he valued (save his life).

I feel compelled to help these people in anyway I can. We've offered to put people up in our home if they need a place. So many people in small communities such as ours bond together when disaster strikes. I know our phone has been ringing off the hook from friends and relatives from all over the country. While it was a bit tedious to repeat our situation it was very heart warming to know we had so many who care about us.

I thank all of those people.

When the fog lifts we'll drive up to the cut again to physically see what's happening with the fire and how close it might be coming our way. As I said I don't think we're in any real danger so I don't want to alarm anyone.

I'll give an update later.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'll be checking for updates. Two miles doesn't sound far enough away from a big fire. Have you backed up all your computers onto hard drives you can take with you if you need to evacuate? Do you have a safe and clear route out? I know you're being vigilant, but I'm still worried.

love, prayers, hopes for the end of the fire,