Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sirens at 5:30 this morning

We were awoken with sirens this morning, a foreign sound for these quiet Santa Cruz Mountains. As we donned our bathrobes and trekked outside we saw huge plumes of smoke being gusted by 40 mile an hour winds. A wildfire, burning out of control.

So far over 3000 acres has burned and around 20 homes.

At this time the fires seems to be about 2 1/2 miles from our house. Fortunately for us the wind is blowing away from our house. It is only slowly creeping this way, but if the winds were to change directions things could happen quickly.

The road up to our house is closed, no one can come up so we sit here .

Between the pacing, walking outdoors to see the billowing smoke and the helicopters passing over head to drop water, and a bit of fretting I wonder "if we have to evacuate what do I take with me?" Hhmm, well of course our computers! Then the multitude of photos in suitcases and boxes in the hall closet, the cats, my jewelery box, some of my favorite clothes, water, flashlight, blankets, my Nina Bagley necklace, my DJ Pettit handbag, Lorrie Antony and Alena Byrnes jewelry, the artwork from the walls,(especially ones my children created, oh and of course my Diva Dictionary!. Then from my studio anything I can cram into laundry baskets and haul to the car. My husband says we should only take the stuff that is irreplaceable but to know what that is and where it is off the top of my head is overwhelming. My writing journals, art books (ones I've created and my Joanne Huffman crow book, and drawings. My son said he thought he could get all of his belongings in his car and if he only took the things he couldn't replace they'd probably fit in a shoe box. Remember the days when you were young with so few possessions that you could travel in your car with them?

Have you contemplated being in a disaster where you could lose all your belongings? What would you value most?


Karen Owen said...

Lorri, I am praying that they contain the fire soon! I really don't know what I would do in your situation, but I'm very worried for you. If it comes your way, just leave right away please. You and your family are irreplaceable.


the glitzy gypsy said...


Sending you and your family a fireproof bubble to wrap yourselves in--I remember being in Newport Beach when we could see the flames--it was so scary--Seems as though you have your nerves under control and are ready to flee if, unfortunately. you must. Hopefully they will have it under control soon and you will be out of danger!
big hugs,
brenda bliss

Lori Gentile said...

Lorri, I'm praying for the wind to go away so they can contain this fire. I'm very worried for you, too. They said they are evacuating anyone within a 3 mile radius. Please leave the second anything changes.

Joanne Huffman said...

Lorri, how terrifying! My thoughts, good wishes, prayers and love to you and your family. Your safety is more important than anything else. Take something to hang on to for comfort and forget what won't go.


Anonymous said...

As you know, I once lost everything in a house fire. The things I miss most are: family and childhood photos/memoriabilia, family heirlooms and a gorgeous velvet and silk crazy quilt I had purchased from an elderly man who had watched his mother piece and embroider the quilt when he was a boy. I hope your morning dawned brighter today.

love ya! jan