Thursday, January 1, 2009

Birthday Surprise

December 22, three days before my birthday, the greatest husband in the world (mine) arranged for me and four of my girlfriends to spend a whole afternoon at a posh spa in Santana Row. We each had a massage which my friends swear they were chanting "we love Mike, we love Mike.. during or perhaps murmuring was more like it as our sore muscles melted away and aches and pains dissolved , leaving us rather like jelly. We all walked away from the massage table as if in a trance back to the steam room, the sauna, whirlpool, or "quiet room" which consists of lounge chairs with heavy drapes separating them and an overhead reading light if wish to have it on to read by. After our fabulously relaxing afternoon we were to return to my house where Michael was going to have or'devours and cocktails for us. When we all arrived I immediately noticed there were extra cars parked in th drive and a sign announcing "Happy birthday Lorri" was taped in the window. All the husbands of my friends were there plus a few extra friends and there was a lot more than just appetizers! Crab legs were boiling, filets were on the grill, asparagus was roasting in the oven and hollandaise sauce was cooking on the stove top. Yum! It was delicious, but wait there's more! Before my favorite German chocolate cake (from icing on the cake) was served my husband and dear friend and songstress extraordinaire Pipa (who was at the spa with us) sang a song Michael had written for me. It was an upbeat catchy song and I sat there crying, it was so sweet!

The evening ended with the husbands cursing Michael for setting the bar so high that their wives will expect this same treatment and the wives swooning over my husband. LOL!

Michael isn't the type to put a lot of hoopla into birthday celebrations so this was a complete surprise to me and I'm probably good for at least 5 more years before something like this could happen again. I'm grateful for having such a loving husband!


Anonymous said...

Hmmph .... and he didn't even fly your favorite sister out for the celebratory activites. sigh. Give him a hug from me anyway. He is special.


Judy Streger said...

What an amazing birthday celebration. When/if your husband ever retires, please have him consider a second career running a School for Husbands. I think he'd make a million. Happy belated birthday.

Joanne Huffman said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration! Obviously, Mike is a keeper.


Lorri said...

Wow, What a fab birthday from a very thoughtful hubby!!
Next time, can you ask him to arrange for another "Lorri" - me, to join you in the fun :)
It's my birthday this Thursday Feb 5 - I can only hope my day is as good as yours was.
Happy Birthday to you! xo