Wednesday, April 22, 2009

aloha kakahiaka

Aloha, good morning!

I have lots to tell of my trip here on the Island of Kauai. Everyday day but two I have taken a long walk. Yesterday I must have walked at least five miles. Here are pictures of my journey. So many things to photograph and I have tried to narrow it down and also to put as a slide show. My first pictures are of a self portrait challenge that Misty has challenged readers of her blog to. I may post more of these later in the day but so far here are mine:

Last week I took a couple of classes from Marionette in Waimea with my friend Connie. One day a silk painting class. Believe it or not all these years I've dyed silk scarves I had never tried silk painting. I enjoyed the process and will probably do some more of this. Marionette has an easy technique. The second day we took a water color class. Marionette has posted about this class on her blog . You wouldn't believe the 93 year old man who was another student. He was a sweetheart and a very talented painter!

The weather has been unusual for the Island. More cloudy and rainy than ever. When I was here in Dec. I only had one sunny day. This time has been better but still rather cloudy and windy. Rain is predicted to start tonight and get worse on the weekend. I am leaving Friday and I am hoping things are not too bumpy as I dread turbulence on planes!

I'm off for my walk now and here is a sample of the path I take.


jan b. said...

I was wondering if you would write while there and also when you would be home. Now I know. I love the self-portrait footprint photo! Enjoy your remaining day.


Joanne Huffman said...

Lorri, I just caught up on your blog postings from when I was away from blogland in Ireland. Wow! I love the felted scarves; ArtFest sounds wonderful (I'm beginning to think I'll have to go sometime); you and Jennifer are a great team - your clothes look wonderful; I loved the slide show (the weather may not have been great, but you got some great photos); and, I agree with Jan - the sand showing your foot prints is a great self-portrait.


Annie MacHale said...

Great photos, Lorri, and the slide show is very cool. Some day I may ask you how you did that.

Anonymous said...

SO many wonderful photos Lorri!!! I am go glad to be here, visiting you here right now, beauty surrounds you!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Marionette said...

Your photos of Kauai are so beautiful! They would make great references for any future painting you do! I'm so glad that you and Connie enjoyed the art classes here on Kauai! Can't wait to see you gals again!

Aloha from Kauai,