Monday, April 13, 2009

Nuno Felted Scarves

I finally finished the scarves I made when Sharon Kilfoyle was here and got some photos taken. I am very intrigued with this process but need to practice more to achieve the nice felting that Sharon gets.

Nuno felting is when you add wool roving to sheer fabrics, preferable silk, wet the wool with soapy water and agitate by rolling in bubble wrap so that the wool fibers migrate into the sheer fabric and form as one fabric. Sharon taught us how to collage the silks and then lay the roving on top.

Here are my creations and following my pics are some images of a piece Sharon made while in my studio.

In Sharon's piece you can see in the first picture how the fabric was layed out and you can see the "stripe" of black wool roving layed on top, this is the part that gets felted.

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