Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Path

The last few mornings have found me out working in my garden. I am fortunate to have a screened garden area that keeps the deer away and most other varmints with the exception of the occasional gopher. I have raised beds and have gopher wire laid under the soil but sometimes these critters will tunnel under the path and find a way to hop out and over the bed side to get at my plants. So I'm laying down weed cloth, then stepping stones and gravel on the path to see if this will thwart them. It's been really hot here the last couple of days so I haven't made as much progress as I'd like. I've had a bit of help of course, my husband brought the truck load of gravel up and he fixed the flat on the wheel barrel. My son Tony built me a trellis for the ornamental gourds I planted to vine onto.This is the beginning stage but within two weeks more seeds will have sprouted, plants will start blooming, and the path with hopefully be finished.


Patty said...

As your mountain neighbor, I can totally relate to guerrilla gardening, and empathize with the recent heat stress. It seems we have to protect under ground, and above ground, and even then there's no guarantees. It's no wonder my passion for gardening was severely challenged by my love for melting glass. I know when I go out to the kiln in the morning that no gopher will have eaten my freshly made beads. :-)

Your garden path is going to be wonderful!


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm very impressed; I don't garden, but I certainly enjoy the fruits (pun intentional) of other people's labor.

jan b. said...

Lookin' good! You know I'd be helping if I lived nearby.