Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Self Portrait Wednesday

Misty has been posting self portraits on Wednesday and has encouraged others to do so. I like this challenge and although I may not meet it every week I haven't given up on it. Here is a pencil drawing I did as a self portrait in high school. It doesn't really look like me but it was my attempt at that time. I know Misty is away teaching and she may not be able to post her pics today but you can see previous Wed. where she did post.

And these were a couple I took last year from a restaurant balcony in Hanalei. The images are reflected in the glass walls between the inside of the restaurant and the balcony. You can see the mountains and the bay in the background, you can see the people inside and the hanging lights. BTW I'm the one with the camera in my hand so a definite self portrait.

I experimented more with reflections when in Kauai a couple weeks ago but still need to get them onto my computer and sized to post. Maybe those will be my next weeks self portrait post?

This is what the view from my house has been for days but this morning the sky is blue and the sun is shining so I hope it dries things out enough for me to plant the tomato, cucumber, squash, and beans in my garden before I leave this weekend for a trip to Lake Tahoe with girlfriends. We decided this would be a great mother's day gift for us.


Joanne Huffman said...

hmmm. I like the reflective window portraits, but they're not really showing up well on my monitor. I am impressed by your drawing abilities.

Connie said...

nice self portraits, lorri...and your pencil drawing from high school is gorgeous! so real! how come you aren't painting?