Saturday, August 15, 2009

Outsider Hats to Dye for Class

If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat. (George Bernard Shaw)

So many hats and only one head!

Beautify America. Wear a hat!

The hat class at Art Unraveled was a huge success. The first segment of the class students dyed silk fabrics and ribbons to make flower pins and create hat bands with. Jennifer Whitmer created the flower pin design which the students hand sewed and the third segment she led class in forming a hat out of a parasisal straw hat body called a hood. Here are pictures of students work from the dyed fabrics, to the flower pins, to the hats and then showing them fully embellished. You can see by the smiles on all the faces how pleased we were. What a fun group. We even had a woman who had never sewn before, Sandy, and look how marvelous her work turned out! It really is easy to make these hats and flowers if you have the desire!

These are some pictures of the dyed fabrics ready to begin creating hat embellishments.

Look at all the beautiful blooms that were created!

I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Kitty with her finished hat but here is her beautifully crafted flower pin!

The finished hats being proudly displayed.

Here is Sandy beaming in her new hat. I'm sorry I cut her flower pin off, can you still see it? I don't claim to be the best photographer and sometimes when teaching and getting caught up in it all I forget to take pics or I get partials like this one. At least I caught her wonderful smile (she's the one who had never sewn before so she had a lot to be smiling about!!).

(And for those who were in the class remember mums the word on the saran wrap episode!)


Joanne Huffman said...

I know your hats were a great success because I saw some of the ladies happily modeling them.

Kathy McElroy said...

What a great class. Love the hats and the flowers. Awesome!

Judy Streger said...

What a unique class. I'm sure you have now started a new fad--hat making. I think it's a lost art.
The flowers are beautiful and the dyed silks are amazing.

jackie said...

I can see why everyone enjoyed this class - lovely colors of flowers and fun, stylish hats! (BTW, is Sandy related to Sandra Bullock? They favor a lot!)