Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A soliloquy of sorts

When I was out on the road in my travels I listened to a lot of music while going down the highways. One CD I played a lot was The Wailin Jennys. There's a line from one song that resonated with me and I thought it went like this: "There's no such thing as perfect, but if there is we'll find it when we're good enough" and I like that. If we were good enough we were as close to perfect as we needed to be. Perfect with flaws but good enough. I sang along over and over. I was disappointed when I looked the lyrics up and discovered the line really says "there's no such think as perfect, but if there is we'll find it when we're good and dead". Well. I should have known since the next line has an end rhyme with the word "instead". I'm still consoled and happy with the thought of finding perfect when I'm good enough.

My friend Nina has written on her blog asking her readers what it is they would like to see in a book she might have published. She has many readers because of her honest and heartfelt sharing of her life, her photos, and her art. The pieces of jewelry and art books she creates are stories in themselves and what she knows, maybe subconsciously, is that the attraction people have to her words and pictures are the writing, the stories of everyday life, the thought provoking nudges for us to ask questions and the visual representation through her eyes. This is the life of one artist.

Now that I've sort of digressed, I still think it all relates to striving to be perfect, to want acceptance, to relate and if we face these issues with the thought of knowing we have accomplished this by just being good enough then we're dang near perfect. Don't you think?

I do get behind in all the things I want to post here. I still have pictures from Sedona and many since and that was August. Whether I'll ever catch up is debatable but if you remember my little tale of the hotel I stayed at in Needles, Ca back in Aug. I'll share this photo I took. :)