Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heading for Missouri

I'm leaving early in the morning to fly to St. Louis. I'll spend the night with my long time friend Janet and then go to Sharon's in Ashland on Friday. Hope to see another old time friend play music at the local winery in Hartsburg. I'll be working with Sharon in her studio creating wares for the January museum show we are doing.

I'll be back in St. Louis for the annual show on Thursday and back home on Monday the 9th. I have decided not to take my computer with me as I've already got so much I'm taking and it seems just one more thing to haul along. My back is a concern and I'm trying to lighten my load both physically and mentally. So I may be absent for a couple of weeks or I may have access to a friend's computer to get online. We'll see but until then I'm gone.

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