Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life's undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room.
~Harriet Beecher Stowe~

"There's no place like home" Dorothy says three times as she taps her ruby red slippers. Although I have no ruby red slippers and I was not on such an adventure as Dorothy I am just as glad to be home.

Blogs are curious things, especially when I am not good as promptly writing down my stories. I get far behind and see no way to catch up. This journey to Missouri was full but I didn't take my camera, or my computer, so I have no pictures and I had little way to communicate while I was gone.

I arrived in St. Louis on Oct. 29th to spend the night at my friend Janet's. Susan came over and we had a lovely dinner. On Friday morning I drove to Ashland which is near Columbia to stay with Sharon and work in her studio for five days. Friday evening we ventured to the Hartsburg Winery to hear a dear old friend, Bob Runyon, sing and play his guitar for us.

Sharon lives on a piece of property with lot of trees, birds, and peace. Her newly remodeled barn has been transformed into a wonderful studio. I got to work with her to better my nuno felting skills. This is a method where you take a sheer fabric, apply wool roving on top, wet and felt it then the fulling process creates a wonderful felted fabric. Of course it's a little more involved than I just described but hopefully you can get the picture since I have none to post. I know Sharon took some photos while I was working and when I get around to having her send them to me I hope to get back here and post them.

After Sharon's I drove back to St. Louis to participate in the Weaver's Guild of St. Louis annual show which seemed to be a success. On Saturday a group of seven women approached me and to my surprise it was people I had known in high school. They were having an old friend reunion in the city and I know they were off to have a good time after purchasing several of my wayward threads scarves. I hope to see some of them again when I exhibit at the Margaret Harwell museum in January!

Cowboy Jack also made it to St. Louis from Indiana to see me. Our friendship goes back twenty some odd years and I so appreciate that he travels to spend time with me each year.

I'm glad to be home though, it seems like I was gone forever and now I get to play catch up with mail, and appointments, and scheduling.

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jan b. said...

"...now I get to play catch up with mail, and appointments, and scheduling." And a phone chat with your sis.