Monday, November 16, 2009

Nuno Felting @ Sharon's

When I was in Ashland, Mo. working with Sharon Kilfoyle in her newly remodeled barn studio we vowed to take pictures of the sequence of pieces we were making. Well .......... we got so caught up in creating that we weren't good at taking the photos. I have some of me laying out the first piece and one of the wool being place on top of the silk pieces but none of the finished pieces. Then I have some of the final piece I made but none of the developing stages. This was by far my favorite piece along with the one just before this which I have no photos of at all and I sold it at the Weavers' Guild show. HiHo.

I am not being productive at all these days because of my back injury. I am seeing lots of doctors and medical care givers to try and determine what my options are. It is becoming more and more painful. Most of these health care professionals have urged me to have surgery. A procedure called kyphoplasty. However, an osteopath I saw was concerned that it didn't appear to him that I would be a good candidate for this procedure. I'm getting an MRI on Friday and the results of that will help see what the real issues are. I'm bummed to say the least that this is happening to me and my mind is so full of ideas of garments I want to create in my studio but sitting at a sewing machine, bending over a cutting table, leaning over a dyepot, or anything of this nature is not good for me right now and it hurts. Wah! Sigh.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Glad you're home (I just got back to the US last night and will be home in Michigan tomorrow). I'm very sorry to hear your back is still problematic. I love the photos of the felting. Sending healthful and pain-free wishes!