Thursday, January 7, 2010

OOAK necklaces from friends

When the mail came and there was a box for me from my friend Jennifer I knew it was a birthday present. When I opened the USPS cardboard flat rate box and saw this lovely wrapped package I knew it would be something fabulous but what?

After opening and discovering it was a necklace of a feather carved from pipestone I purchased at Taos Pueblo this summer I had to smile. I had sent the feather to her a while back and asked her to make me a necklace from it someday and then sort of forgot about it. She has done all the wire work by hand, connecting the beads with loops of copper wire and even the closure is so perfectly done by hand. She has included some of my dyed ribbon and the colors are perfect for me. Thank you my friend!

Night Bird ~ Taos Pueblo

Another gift I received from Connie when I was in Kauai last month was another labor of love (or determination?). She has been experimenting with PMC and this time she tried brass clay, instead of the usual silver, which turned out to be difficult in the firing process. She had some successful pieces though and I am the proud owner of one of them!

Here is a final piece I cherish that I got from Lisa Call when we roomed together in Portland in Oct. for Art & Soul. I have always had an attraction for acorns. Why is unknown, maybe it's just the simpleness of their shape. I collect them from all sorts of oaks and have acorn buttons and other adornments. Lisa made this little acorn from PMC and she also made the little flat palque which she stamped related words on.

"acorn ~ fruit of an oak ~ seeded"

I treasure my artist made jewelry pieces from my dear friends most. I am fortunate to run in circles with so many talented people who become friends and inspirations for me.

I have to pack now, wrap my scarves and garments for the trunk show in Missouri in tissue paper, pack very warm clothing for the frigid temperatures there now, and worry about the weather and the security screening at the airport. I'm told to be sure and where nice underwear??? LOL! Oh boy what next?


jan b. said...

speaking of underwear ... be sure to pack an extra in your carry-on in case you get stranded any/somewhere.

jan, recalling my last visit to you LOL!

Joanne Huffman said...

I think being in such cold for a while will mean you'll "keep" longer. Good luck with your trunk show!

You are good friends with fine artists because you are a goof friend and a fine artist yourself.

Connie said...

... you are such a dear friend! I can't wait to hear all about your museum exhibit adventure!