Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking Pictures of Treasures on a Rainy Day

It's a chilly, blustery, look out at the fog and rain, rain, rainy day. The third day of rain and wind and it's not letting up. the power has been out since 6:00 this morning. We have a small generator that can run the fridge and a few lights (the computers of course or I wouldn't be writing this) but anything that heats up sucks the power, including the coffeemaker, so those items are at a limited use. The wood stove is cranking and the tea is on. I'll put a pot of chili on the gas stove top soon and make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with for supper. Since my studio has no power it's too cold to work in there and I was bored so decided to photograph a few of my treasures earlier today before the light began to fade into the mist.

A Victorian dress bodice I picked up from an antique shop in Missouri of brown moire silk and seafoam velvet with whiskey brown metallic glass beadwork and sweet little hand sewn French knots of metallic thread. I'm sure there was beading around the collar that has been stripped and there is only a part of it around the back neck edge. I am guessing it is from the Victorian era because of the structure sewn into it and also the size, the waist is 23" as women used to actually have a waist that size.

I don't remember where I got the little tattered handmade book with the innocent looking girl on the cover that someone filled with cloth pages and hand sewed crocheted lace pieces onto.

An old cardboard picture frame from a vintage album, gold embossed flowering vines line the cutout to place the photo.

And three "wayward angels" my sister created from old spoons and jewelry pieces I received for my birthday.

I thought the colors and the old timey, nostalgic, feeling of these item all went together.

I'm going to post several pictures of the dress bodice to show the intricate details of how it was made. Look at all the boning and stays, the hook & eye closure, and the handwork involved.

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Joanne Huffman said...

These really are treasures. Jan's angels are wonderful. The book is very cool. The dress is amazing.