Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bang Trim

I did it, I got my bangs cut short. A few days after the bang trim I was visiting some friends ( I won't mention who the culprit is Irene) and asked them to take a photo of me to post and when I looked at the images on the camera here was this one. Well ......... I've never had a picture taken with such a thing before.

Here's my before picture and if you haven't seen my facebook wall where I posted the picture of my "doppleganger", you know some one famous that people have told you that you look like, then here's that person's pic too.


捷運 said...
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Jill Berry said...

You do look alike. I have not found my doppleganger yet. I was once told I look like Ron Howard.

You are linked on my blog now. You started something good with the Pay it Forward, and all my folks jumped right on it.

Sorry you can't come to Taos. I teach at AU on Wed and Thursday, so I can! Maybe another time, but I sure hope to see you there.