Friday, February 12, 2010

More on Color

When I look in my closet with eyes slightly squinted to see what colors dominate I see it's mostly gray, black, brown, taupe, olive. Then there are the colors that pop out - red and orange. I tend to play it safe with color I wear. But I do like orange and shades of red that are deep or on the earthy side such as brick, russet, and deep crimson. I usually dye fabrics colors I like but I'm trying to bust out of my comfort zone and be more colorful. I do create to sell and some people who would buy from me want more color.

When I began making the doily scarves a friend requested one in mustard. This reverts back to my previous post of naming colors. Mustard could be literally the color of the condiment mustard but I knew she meant spicy mustard or ochre so I "browned" the mustard up and it was perfect.

In the past when I've done commission work and someone said they wanted a certain color I would have them give me spools of thread of the color(s) they wanted. That way I could pretty well color match to what they wanted.

I went to Harts Fabrics last week and purchased some fabric totally out of my comfort zone. A wild and multi colored print that drew my attention. I liked a lot of pieces from this fabric line.

When I laid the fabric out on my cutting table I thought what a bright and fun table covering this would be but I'm bound and determined to turn it into a lightweight, duster jacket and embellish it with vintages fabrics, laces, and/or trims. My friend Joanne who was just here visiting termed the style of jackets she preferred as dusters and I like that term, I'm using it because it seems appropriate.

As soon as I finish creating a silk brocade top for myself and the vintage barkcloth jacket I'll start working on this piece.


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this beautiful fabric!

Connie said...

these ARE beautiful fabrics Lorri!...and if I were you, I would not use that GORGEOUS button on something you're going to sell - you need to save it for you!

lorrie Spotts said...

Hi Lorri, I met you this weekend at An Artful Journey...I am the Lorrie Spotts that came to your table with three others sharing the name! I saw your blog on DJ's site and thought I would pop in to say hi. I am so humored that I see your "L.A.S. Fibers" as your blog title. My blog title is "L.A.S. I am art"!! How funny is that? Nice meeting you, I am enjoying your blog and your art.


Weaveron Textile said...

Gorgeous! The colors are lovely. What a beautiful spot for pictures.