Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Island Walk with the Shadows

I seem to always find time to get out and walk when I visit Kauai. I don't do that at home and I live in a beautiful place but can usually talk myself out of walking. I'm not sure why that is. But here I just get up and go. I have a routine where I walk down the sidewalk through the greenbelt to the beach. I took my camera and was noticing the shadows and tried to capture some of them. The mirror image of my legs as well as the foliage and trunks of palm trees.

Lots of flowering shrubs and trees ..... hibiscus, gardenias, bird-of-paradise, plumeria.

I walk down to the water and beach comb when I get there and then back up Pe'e Road and back home.

On my way this redbird was singing proudly against the brilliant blue sky background.

And the bananas look just about ripe for the picking.

The landscapers have to come out in their bucket ladders to trim the coconuts that canopy the walkways so no one gets hurt. Usually there are young men who know how to shimmy up the tree trunks or they wear spiked shoes to climb and do this chore but these guys went the easy route with the electronic ladder.

It rained most of yesterday but today is another fabulous beach day and tomorrow's the wedding I'm to be in. It should be perfect.


Joanne Huffman said...

What a beautiful walk you take!

Jomama said...

These are lovely. Thanks for sharing!