Saturday, June 19, 2010

wayward threads & Rachel Zee Photography

I took a 45 minute drive to Mountain View yesterday to attend the FabMo distribution center. I was happy with the stash I gathered. I had a friend who attended in the past and said there wasn’t much to choose from the day she went but I think I got lucky. Tables of designer fabric swatches from sample books, cards of trim samples, yardage of donated fabrics are the offerings I perused. A $5.00 donation per grocery bag was asked and I walked away with 3 BAGS FULL!! I’ll use these fabric pieces to revamp vintage and used garments and accessories for my “wayward threads” clothing line.

Remember my post where I cut and sewed a vintage barkcloth remnant as the start of a jacket? The fabrics I had pinned to use as a skirt ended up not being the ones I choose. I totally changed the whole concept by dyeing silk noil gauze for a skirt instead of the tiered look I had originally thought I’d use.

This sweater jacket is not my usual color scheme but it just designed itself as I went along. I had the pink sweater and had dyed a vintage Edwardian cotton petticoat a pale sky blue. When I received the hand stamped trims in the mail I purchased from this Etsy shop the color scheme was born. I collected fabrics and embellishments from around my studio and piled them all together on a table and then pared it down to what I felt worked. While I was gathering and matching and piling on the trims and buttons I realized that this piece was exactly something that could be part of Dollybelle's Peepshow blog. I describe it as Parisian sparkle, lace, and birthday cake. Thanks for the inspiration Christine, I’m sure I channeled you in some way!

I posted several new upcycled reborn garments in my Etsy shop using photos that Rachel of Rachel Zee photography took using two of her friends, Carmen and Addison as models (I hope I spelled their names correctly). Lovely girls and the shoot went so smoothly. Rachel did an excellent job of choosing a perfect site to do this shoot at and an eye for capturing the images.

Please have a look at my new listings and the beautiful photos and let me and Rachel know what you think!


Joanne Huffman said...

Wow! I think the photography on your etsy items is outstanding. And it really shows your beautiful vintage clothes to full advantage. As always, I'm impressed by your design and color work - and your very reasonable prices.

dining room set said...

Old style dresses. How amazing is it. It still looks good. I love the photography and The shoots are perfect.