Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Day Sunshine! (blog give away winner)

One a clear day I can see the beach across the bay in Monterey.

The rain has gone for now and the days have been bright and sunny and almost perfect. Over the weekend I had a photo shoot of my work and Saturday couldn't have been a better day to do it. Spent the night with a friend in Pacific Grove and she cooked me a fabulous breakfast the next morning. Crab and goat cheese omelet with hash browns and mimosas, yum!

I'm waiting patiently to get the proofs of the photo shoot. The photographer was busy this week so I know it will be next week before I get them. I'll be sure to post them here and also more items will be listed in Etsy.

Yesterday was my blog give away and since I had all of 5 comments and one of them was anonymous I wrote the names down on scraps of paper, folded them, laid them in a pile and closed my eyes to choose one. Joanne was the winner! Cowboy Jack I'm real sorry you weren't the winner because I would have loved any excuse to take off and travel to Current River. It's been too dang long a time and I'm sure the peace and tranquility that place brings to me would be just the ticket. Next year?

I have had a lot of hits on my vintage slip dresses and others sent me private messages via email or facebook. I can't wait to add the jackets and tops I've been working on but I'm just waiting (chomping at the bit really) to get those pics!

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