Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Leg of My Road Trip to Phoenix in Songs

As I left home with my car all packed and only room for me as the passenger seat was also full of stuff I headed toward LA. I was to meet my friend Sharla to have a beer, a swim, and some dinner in that order. I always think of this song when I take off because I know I'll be on the highway "Out with the truckers, and the kickers and the cowboy angels".

Leaving the 5 to get on the 210 on the outskirts of LA as I took the ramp and rounded the bend I hit gridlock. I thought I was making good time but then it took over 2 hours to go 90 miles. Pasadena to San Bernadino and on into Redlands to spend the night. During this slow trek this song came to mind "I've come a long way, I've come a long way, I've gone 500 miles today, I've come a long way, I've come a long way and never even left LA". Now I digress but want to call your attention to the fact that in Southern California highways are called "the". The 10, the 405, the 210. Somewhere along the way I have picked this up. In Missouri growing up it was highway 67, etc. In Texas it is Interstate 35 or I35, etc. When I moved to California I just said "you get on 880" but now it's "the" 880. I said I was digressing sorry, now back to LA. I stayed in a decent hotel with a fabulous hole in the wall Mexican food establishment (they seem to be the best) next door. The hotel had free beer and wine so I grabbed some tacos to go and a Stella Artois from the bar and went back to my room to savor.

My friend Sharla did not show as she came down with an awful sore throat. I missed her but did not need to get her germs either. (Sharla, I still love you!) I headed out bright and early the next morning to get on "the" 10 and head to Phoenix. Again "Grievous Angel" came to mind and of course this song as I saw the signs to Tonapah.

As the scenery changed and the cactus appeared on the hillsides this song from an old favorite band, The Austin Lounge Lizards, began playing in my head.

I made it to Paradise Valley and checked into my hotel room with no mishaps and then met my friend Jennifer and we had a beer in the bar before she took off to have dinner with a friend and I retired to my room.

More to come with next post.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Love the photos. I'm not sure if I even know half the songs, but definitely understand the concept of musical accompaniment. I still say I-94, but not "the 94 doesn't sound as odd to me as it first did.