Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Adventures in Paris

I spent Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12th on the Isle de St. Louis with Sharon, Carlene, and Linda. We walked along the Seine listening to street musicians and stopped to have lunch at an outdoor cafe. I ordered a kir et riesling which is popular in Paris. I don't usually like sweet wines but found this very good. Lunch was onion pie and salad.

After lunch we bought macaroons at a pâtisserie and ice cream at Bertillion. Fabulous desserts. Carlene and Linda had to head back to their apartment to pack but Sharon and I walked around looking at shops and then we went to taste Foie Gras and wine. The day was sunny, warm and just plain perfect.

Monday I gave a presentation of my work at the Paris American Academy to students and faculty. I showed my pieces I had taken with me and presented a slide show. Everyone seemed to be genuinely interested. In fact one of the staff member who helps run the office bought one of my wayward threads scarves which thrilled me to know I have someone in Paris wearing my work with love.

I talked a bit with the director about teaching there and will be sending a proposal. However, my concern is that it may not be a situation of me being able to teach a 2 - 4 week class. It might entail longer periods of time in which I would not be prepared to do.

Tuesday Sharon and I went to the Louvre. The line was pretty long to get in but I was told that in the peak summer months the lines are even longer. Once we were in I felt it was too crowded. Trying to look at the art I was jostled by picture takers and people trying to shuffle through the crowd. It was a bit warm too. We saw a few wings then met up for lunch with some of Sharon's son's friends who were there on a honeymoon. After that we left and went over to the academy studio.

Around 9:30 that evening we got on the Metro to go see the Eiffel Tower and walk under it at night when the lights twinkle up and down the whole structure. We were taking pictures as we approached blocks away but then we came upon a barricade and were told the whole area was evacuated because of a bomb threat and would be closed all night. I never got to see the tower up close.

Wednesday was my last day there. We went over to Notre Dam and that evening was a party at the Academy for the Mexican students because it was the Mexican independence day - 200 years! All the Mexicans brought food, chicken mole, guacamole and quesadillas. We brought Coronas and limes. Here are some photos of the students before the tequila was passed around.

Darling American students!

Peter the Academy's director.

Sharon showing her Mexican Independence colors.

The Mexican students were so sweet and wonderful!

It was a fun party but Sharon and I left around 10:00 because I was leaving the next morning on my 11 hour flight home.


Connie said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful! maybe they can hire you on your terms for a shorter class because.....well because your art forte is so unusual and TERRIFIC! ...they need YOU!

Joanne Huffman said...

I hope they hire you for a short class - or, maybe you could split a class with your friend: you do part one and she finish the term. Connie's right, your wearables are fantastic pieces of art.