Saturday, September 18, 2010


Bonjour mon amis!

It was the time of my life, it really was. I have been home since Thursday but my circadian rhythm is off, night is day and day is night. I'm trying to get back on schedule but it's hard. I want to write so much about my trip but because of my messed up sleep habits I am not on track to write much, or create in my studio which I desperately need to be doing to get ready for Art and Soul in a couple of weeks, or feel anything but tired and a little disoriented.

I did so much while I was in Pairs, maybe not all the "normal" things tourists did but I will try to make a list and perhaps in a future post I can elaborate.

I got to go to Pret a porte and "who's next"

Visited the Louvre but I am allergic to huge crowds and didn't stay very long

Champs Elysées and the fashion houses ( I'll write later about visiting Chanel)

rode many miles on the metro

Ultramod millinery shop


Paris American Academy

Went to see the eiffel tower at night but after getting near the whole area was blockaded and evacuated because of a bomb threat.

Marche du Puces

Isle de St. Louis/Along the Seine

Notre Dame

This song kept playing in my head while I was in Paris.

merci beaucoup for stopping by
Au Revoir for now.


Unknown said...

Sweet trip! :) Enjoyed the pics and look fwd to more detail!

Joanne Huffman said...

Welcome home! Love the photos! So glad you had a good time and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

aperrotte said...

What fun to see you in so many familiar places. Can't wait to see more.