Tuesday, August 16, 2011

update on eco dyeing and works in progress

The short periods of time I am able to work in the studio I am. My eye doctor says I can do focus work for 30 minutes at a time then take at least an hour break. I can work up to 5 hours a day. You know how hard it is to be focused on creating something and have to stop at 30 minutes? Very hard. The creative juices get flowing and then I have to cut them short and it's very frustrating but I know it's important so I'm doing it.

Slowly, slowly I am getting things done ............. eco dye samples unbundled and colored, embellishing scarf lengths with embroidery and beads, class samples for applications to art retreats, and garments I'm upscaling.

ceanothus on silk

cotton shirt and eucalyptus

Yerba Santa on silk - The leaves gave nice prints but the purple flower not so much

manzanita bath yielded a soft pinkish tan color

eucalyptus on silk noil

ripe elderberry

green blackberry leaves on silk, wrapped on copper pipe. Funny how the leaves didn't leave any color at all but the copper tinged the outline of the leaves

sweet vintage glass buttons I considered adorning this scarf with but I couldn't bring myself to cut them off the card. Is that silly? I have these cards of buttons displayed in my studio and think they are little works of art in themselves.


Liz LaSorsa said...

It must be frustrating as anything to have to do timed (minimal timed) sessions with your pieces. I would be pulling my hair out! But your results are very nice so at least you are able to get some kind of artistic outlet. I fully understand on the buttons...I'll bet if you poled most of us you would find we have some of those special somethings that we just can't bring ourselves to open or use. It's not silly at all. Good luck with your eye progress.

Joanne Huffman said...

I think the ripe elderberry is my favorite, but I love them all. You're doing wonderful work considering your frustrations and limitations. I'm proud of you for following doctor's orders. I'm sorry I won't be seeing you in February.

The Creative Beast said...

Glad that you are following doctors orders Lorri and the end results are looking beautiful!

And I'm with you on not wanting to cut the buttons from the card - I have some mother-of-pearl button cards that I'm reluctant to cut open too =-)

I'm so saddened about not seeing you and other friends in February next year =-(

Yvette said...

take care of your eyes...5 hours work is to be gratefull
the buttons...leave them on the cards...I have several and cannot part with them too. they're from my grandmother.

india flint said...

and i have buttons on cards also...

Kris said...

Sorry to hear about your struggles!
Beautiful creations in spite of it all. OH, and big CONGRATS on your publication.

farmlady said...

So glad I found your blog. I will be in your Nuno Felting class at Art Is You in Petaluma in a few weeks.
Can't wait!
I love your tomatoes, your manzanita, your eco prints and bees on sunflowers... and those pretty little buttons. I wouldn't take them off the card either.
Take care of those eyes... they are very important.