Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Art by Amy Firestone Rosen

I posted this on FB so if you read it there sorry for the repeat but want to share this with everyone. I don't often buy wall art as I live in an Adobe house with lots of windows and very little space to hang any pictures. So it's a big deal that I bought this large piece of art. Of course I didn't hang it in my house but it proudly hangs in my studio. I know this snapshot isn't the best but because of the lighting in my studio I couldn't get a better one in a short amount of time. Just shows how anxious I am to share this artists work!

When I was at the St. Louis Artists' Guild with the Weavers' Guild show there was a framed print on the wall from one of the STL members. Since I upcycle vintage slips it really caught my attention. You can see the print if you click on Amy's name, it's the first one on the left in gallery 3. This is a life size print as the artist, Amy Firestone Rosen, uses vintage corsets, slips, and other garments to run through a large printing press. She inks the actual garment and runs it right through. The framed piece on the wall was not something to easily ship because of it's size but Amy was in house so she showed me her work space and all the prints she had in store and I got to choose one I could bring home on a plane. I had it framed and it's hanging in my studio. I love her work!


The Creative Beast said...

WOW! That is one awesome art print Lorri! I'll have to check out Amy's work though it might make me drool!! ;)

Joanne Huffman said...

This is very cool and perfect for your studio.