Friday, December 30, 2011

Teaching Events 2012

As the year is coming to an end I was reading my horoscope this morning (Capricorn) and this is what it said:

Creative writing doesn't just apply to short stories. Add flair to texts and emails.

You need to reach out and connect with someone new today -- your social life is more important than ever. It's a good time to dip into your pool of friends of friends, as they are looking your way.

Really I asked? Then it donned on me, oh I guess it's time to write a blog post so here I am.

The first exciting news I have is to announce is that I will be teaching again at Art Unraveled. I do not plan to have any health issues deter me this year (crossing fingers really tightly)! If you recall last year I had to cancel because of my eye issue. That is thankfully behind me now, finally!

In some of my past posts you'll remember how enamored I became with the eco dye printing technique that India Flint wrote about in her book Eco Colour which started a worldwide frenzy. I have devised a 9 hour class where we will use this technique on silk scarves and a second 3 hour class where we will dye silk ribbons and fabric strips using coffee, tea, and onion skins. Art Unraveled registration is now open so go have a look at the wonderful roster of classes being offered. This is one of my favorite retreats and I am so happy to be part of it again and would love to see many of my friends attend.

Dye Print Samples:

In April I am having some dear friends come visit me to take a private garment construction class in my studio. I am so excited about this but also a little nervous because I'm not sure how I'll combine being focused on teaching when these are close friends and I'll also want to be showing them around and socializing. I'm sure I'll figure it all out but it will be interesting.

Come September I'll be teaching once again at Art Is You Petaluma. This will be only the second year for this event and I think the word of mouth is getting around about what an opportunity this is! Lots of very talented instructors, in the wine country of California (think Sept. crush parties), and you could be there. I'm working very hard on some prototypes for an upcycled garment construction class. This will be completely new but I have a fantastic plan and I can not wait to get these prototypes finished and photographed and complete the write up! Art is You plans to go online with classes and registration in Feb. 2012. You can go to the site now though and see who will be teaching and start making your list of classes so you'll be ready when the registration opens!

After teaching at Art is You I am contemplating traveling to Art & Soul in Portland to vend. However, I will not be teaching. It is so difficult to project so far ahead and plan ones life. Next year already seems so full for me. In March I'll be taking that trip with my husband to New Zealand, the one we canceled because of my eye. April is when my friends come for the workshop, July my hubby and I plan to go to New York, Aug. is Art Unraveled, Sept. is Art is You, so then do I want to commit to going to Portland in Oct.? Do I want to plan to do the St. Louis Weavers' Guild annual show which is also Oct.? I have tentatively agreed to do a workshop in Missouri the first part of Nov. so please someone come organize my schedule for me and tell me what will be best okay? I'm taking volunteers, the lines are open. As my horoscope said ...."It's a good time to dip into your pool of friends"....


Fran said...

So excited about your teaching this year. I know that 2012 will be a happy healthy year for you! If your gut is telling you not to commit to another thing, listen to it! You need time to recharge and create, too! :)

lilylovekin said...

I"m so glad your eyes are doing better and you have so many plans for 2012. I wish the the happiest year. And would love to include seeing you in my plans for this new year. Lorrie

The Creative Beast said...

Wow! Your year seems pretty packed already Lorri! If I lived closer, I'd be happy to help organize your schedule - that was my previous job as an administrative assistant =-) But I think your instincts to stop the teaching by October are wise - after all, the holiday season comes pretty quick after Halloween is over and you might want time to enjoy it =-)

Happy New Year to you and I look forward to seeing your amaizing creations here at your blog!