Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Studio Time

Fabric and vintage crochet has been dyed, piles have been sorted, sketches are made, and then I begin to recreate unloved and neglected shirts and garments into fun and fabulous new togs.

I've been absent from posting much on this blog because I have been very busy in the studio. I finally finished writing two brand new class proposals for Art Is You Petaluma that I'm very excited about!. One is a garment reconstruction class and the other is a project to use vintage crochet pieces, lace, trims, and remnants! I find coming up with a new class is harder than I expect. I get the ideas but recreating them into a class that works gets complicated so I went through a very long process of elimination of what would work, what wouldn't, how could this be done?? (ask my sister she had to put up with all my emails and phone calls while I tried to wrap my head around this!) But I did it and now have to wait until September for it to take place. It will be so fun! The class schedules and registration for Art Is You should be online in February so be on the lookout for it!

While finishing up the class proposals I received some very exciting news from Belle Armoire magazine. Actually Ricë Freeman-Zachery wrote me informing me she had been talking with the editor, Cynthia Levens, about featuring me in the summer 2012 issue. Then I received the invitation from Cynthia Levens asking if I would be the "Designer Collection" feature artist. I think I am still in a bit of shock that this is really happening. Many of the pieces they were interested in have sold so I'm busy creating some new pieces. I purchased the winter issue last week and it is fabulous! I encourage you to get your own copy and check out all the wonderful articles and images!

I'll not be posting any images of the pieces I'm working on so you can be surprised when the magazine comes out this summer! I know I will be and I can't tell you how thrilling this is.


Joanne Huffman said...

So cool, and so well deserved, to be featured in Belle Amoire!

nina said...

i am so happy and relieved that you are able to get back to work in the studio again, after all the delays with eye problems. very encouraging!!! and a great big congratulations on the article!! xx

The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on all the great news Lorri! I will look into the Art is You event to see if I can find a way to take one of your classes - the hard part will be choosing which one to take!!