Sunday, August 18, 2013

Workshop Runway Class

I finally got the video uploaded to YouTube that was taken by my friend Joanna at Art Unraveled.  It really was a fun time and you can see the video here.  Thank you so much Jo for doing this for me.

As I said previously I was so happy and honored that my friend Pamela Huntington helped assist me in class.  She took these pics of garments.  Thanks Pamela!

I will be teaching this garment construction class at Art Is You Petaluma next month and there are still a few openings.  I'd love to have more people join us so take a look and perhaps I'll see you in class?!!


Joanne Huffman said...

So cool!

jan b. said...

I enjoyed the video and hearing what they named their garments. Looking forward to helping you at Art Is.

The Creative Beast said...

Your workshop looks wonderful and it's clear that everyone had a great time making their creative new garments!
I'd love to know when you'll teach a fun creative garment/dyeing workshop at Artful Journey.. =-D