Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Birthday Fast Approaches

You may not know that my birthday is on Christmas, but it is. People ask "Isn't it hard to have a birthday on Christmas day?" My usual response is "It's a bitch to compete with Jesus Christ". And as I get older there is more to contemplate. One of these things is the eye sight. For example, in my previous post Joanne asked about seeing "jaws" in my tree picture and I responded "that yes she did see "flaws". My sister alerted me to this blunder and all I can say is, it's time to get the eye test again. And yes, there are shark jaws displayed on the fireplace ledge behind the tree along with a ceramic crow.

Things I want for my birthday (forget Christmas!):

Fat & Wrinkles Begone pills
A lifetime membership at the spa
Good eyesight
The energy I had when I was 20

Geez now I'm sounding really old and that isn't the case so I guess I should ask for

and Self Love.

Peace to all and have a Merry Holiday and I'll have a Happy Birthday !

P.S. German Chocolate cake is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

just remember ... we had our German chocolate birthday cake in Missouri back in November. But, if you come to visit, I'll bake you another one.


Joanne Huffman said...

Heck, Lorri, come visit me and I'll make you a German chocolate Cake. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!