Friday, December 14, 2007

Ho Ho Hum ...........

I returned from Kauai last night and tackled the advent of Christmas shopping. I stood in a long line at the Post Office, I stood in line at the bank (It is Friday and pay day for most), I even ventured into the MALL! It wasn't my thing and I kept thinking, "geez, just yesterday I was walking along the beach in warm, if somewhat windy, weather. Most of the days I spent in Kauai were rainy. The ocean was churning and not good for swimming or snorkeling but a rainy day in Kauai is better than a rainy day anywhere else!! Here you can see the dark sky creeping up to the bits of blue.

There were a couple of sunny day. I always take long walks when I'm on Island. this day I took my camera and found some lovely shots of nature.

A plumeria blossom. The trees are dormant this time of year, it is winter so only a few blossoms are on the trees.

Here is a plumeria leaf with a blossom that has landed on top of it laying at my feet as I stopped on the path to capture the photo of the tree itself.

More shots as I walk along. An interesting tree trunk of a stately palm , delicate hibiscus blossoms that had drifted into a crevice of sand along the beach, and some rusty things laying along the lava rocks that people like Michael DeMeng would probably be brainstorming on how they could retrieve them and carry them home!

My condo is on the south side of the Island in Poipu and I drove up north to visit my friend Connie and play with precious metal clay in her studio. Something I had never attempted and now have a greater respect for those artists and what they create using this medium. My first pieces are pretty much crap and since this clay isn't cheap it was an expensive learning experience. I did end up with a couple of neat items that were cut from silver paper. I will expound on this more and show photos in a later post. I got to meet up with Connie again before I left and we had lunch at the greatest and funkiest place in Kapaa. They serve the best food, ahi nori wraps, fish tacos, iced Thai tea, and hibiscus lemonade! Yum! Here some pics and one of Connie. I know she took some of us but I don't think they turned out so well, hopefully they won't get posted??!!

Aloha for now and Bah Humbug.


Joanne Huffman said...

Kauai envy going on here (beautiful island, playing with Connie, it can't get much better than that). I love your photos. Welcome back to your mainland home and good luck getting into the Christmas spirit.


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture of Connie! It's great that you were able to get together and play for a bit.


Robin said...

All I want for Christmas is a trip to Kauai.