Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Morn 1957

This was me on Christmas morning in 1957, my third birthday.

I seem to be a bit more nostalgic this year than past years. Maybe because my oldest son will be away for the first time. He's been gone on an adventure to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam with his girlfriend and her father since Dec. 15th and won't be home until Jan. 4th. I have no family members coming to visit and we're not planning anything big.

So I look back at past photos of my sons when they sat on Santa's lap and recall the story's of what they asked for and look at all the handmade ornaments they made in grade school that I keep and pull out every year. The popsicle stick sleds and reindeer, the tiny wreaths with school pictures inserted in the middle, the macaroni angel, and all the other unique ornaments made by tiny hands and proud, smiling faces. Sappy, I know but still the feeling I have.

Wishing each and everyone one of you a very happy holiday and a season where you create memories for the future.

Mele kalikimaka!

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Joanne Huffman said...

It's a great time of year for those warm and fuzzy memories. Have a very Happy Birthday.