Monday, February 9, 2009

Laura Davis Writing Classes

I take a weekly writing class from Laura Davis off and on. It's a wonderful way to express oneself on paper which Laura calls writing practice. A prompt is given then you wild mind write for a set period of time (10-30 minutes) and what comes out of it is amazing. For anyone who lives in the Santa Cruz, CA area and would like to develop a writing practice I urge you to sign up! She's giving an introductory class soon at Cabrillo College. I'm posting a copy of her letter and if you want more info about Laura, other workshops she gives(From Memory to Memoir: A Weekend Workshop for Writers, Friday, March 27th - Sunday, March 29th
San Juan Bautista, California), or on going classes visit her website:

Dear Writers,

Twice a year I offer a one-day Writer's Journey Workshop at Cabrillo College in Aptos. It's a great introduction to the work we do in my ongoing classes--perfect for someone who is not ready or able to commit to a weekly class, but wants to get a feel for the work. It's also an opportunity for someone who lives out of the area to experience a day of writing practice.

If you can help pass the word to anyone in your circle has expressed curiosity or interest in what we do in writing class, I'd appreciate it. I'll be following up this one-day class with a six week introductory series.

All you have to do is forward this email with a sentence or two at the top from you recommending the class.

Here are the details:

One Day Writer's Journey Workshop through Cabrillo Community Education

Date: Saturday, February 28th

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Cost: $78.00

Registration is through Cabrillo Community Education. People can call (831) 479-6331 or register online:

Thanks for passing the word!


Laura Davis
(831) 818-6875

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